High Lights

Scandinavian companies like H&M, is leading the way by using PVC free vinyl stickers. and PE (polyethylene) for their outdoor advertising campaigns.. It's a 100% recyclable polyethylene substrate for billboards that provides deep saturated color for the most demanding applications. It's lighter, stronger and comparable in price to Vinyl(PVC)-flex. In fact, you will save in transportation costs because this material weighs 75% less than Vinyl. What's more, PE is a Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) product, while Vinyl is more than 60% Chlorine by weight. Friendlier to the environment and better for your business - a true win/win for all!

Our new Miller WeldMaster 112 Extreme has arrived. We are the first in the South East Asia to install one of these new next-generation super wide 60 feet seaming machines. It's the latest technology for welding super wide recyclable PE panels and PVC flex. Built to take production and efficiency to the next level.