File Requirements

Billboards Specs

Document size should be set to scale of 1inch to 1 foot of the size of your billboard with a resolution of at least 300dpi for 10' x 40' and 200dpi for bigger sizes such as spectaculars or wallscapes. Please provide 3 image bleed all round.

Poster, Banners & Vehicle Wrap Specs

Prints up to 15 feet in width or height can be set up either at 50% or 100% of the final size with a resolution of at least 150dpi (minimum requirement). Please set up vehicle wraps at 50% with template and artwork on separate layers..

File Format

Pixio accept the following file formats:

> Indesign

> llustrator

> Photoshop


> Please supply all embedded and linked files separately.

> Please convert all text to paths or supply all fonts required for the job.

> Make sure that all overprints are turned off.

> Do not embed linked Photoshop files, as we cannot apply in-house ICC colour profiles or do any colour corrections required to make the files match your desired colours

> Please supply a list of Pantone colours if you require any colours to match PMS standards or other color references where available.

> It is very important to supply a signed off, colour approved proof to ensure the colours of the print are correct at output.

> Kindly advise our sales executive of any bleed and extra material required for your jobs.

> For further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact;

Ivan: +6012 345 5339
Steve: +6012 343 7021

email for assistance.